You have seen photos and videos of one or more horses that seem to match what you are looking for, but you lack information...

Which will be the most suitable for you?

Step 3 - You see the horse

Step 3
You see the horse


I show you the horse live

Because seeing him in photos and videos is not the same as seeing his reactions live, the first thing we'll do, once you've chosen your horse, is have a videoconference. , French or Spanish) where the owner or the horse rider will present it to you live.

This phase will give you a lot of information about the horse and his behavior.

  • You will see him from all angles, near and far, you will see how easy he is to handle and how he behaves with other horses.
  • Prepare your list of questions, because you can talk to the person who knows him best about his character, training, diet, habits, etc.

I advise you to connect from a computer or a tablet to see the larger image with more detail.

The horse rider will connect with his mobile phone, so the quality of the image, when the horse is far away and moving, is not good… for this reason, in this type of conference, we only show it to the hand.

If you like the horse and you want to see something more concrete, in motion, ridden or on the rope, we will ask the horse rider to make a new video for you and we will send it to you.

For 70% of our customers, this information is sufficient to decide if this horse is for them (or not).

So if you're convinced that's the case, we'll move on to the next step.

But if you still have doubts, my advice is to take at least 2-3 days and come to try him.


Moving will cost you time and money, however, if you can afford it, you will enjoy these benefits:

You will have the opportunity to see more horses that we will select for you.

You can try the horses inside and outside of the arenas (if their training and your level allow it).

You will receive advice from his horse rider, while you riding him, so that your adaptation is faster.

You will check if his training matches your riding level. riding.

You will feel his energy and know if it is in line with your personality.

You will connect with him and find out how much filling there is between you.

When you have chosen the horse you want to see...

I will make a personalized search in the region where he is, so you can try at least 3 or 4 horses without having to travel many miles.

I will send you one map with the positions of the stables and we will schedule appointments at a time that suits you.

If your plans change during the trip, I will also take care of change or cancel appointments.

You will be in contact with me by phone, email and whatsapp during your stay for anything you need.

Once you have decided on a horse, I will contact all the people from the appointments you have had for let them know your decision.

You can call on our services even if the horse you like is not in our selection.

The visit can be made AT YOUR PACE or ou ACCOMPANIED by one of our agents.

If you prefer us to accompany you, I will give you a quote according to your needs.

Follow these tips to improve your experience if you decide to travel to try several horses.