Step 1 - I propose, you choose


In the catAlogue of this site, you will find many horses that we have selected from hundreds…

They are all good, healthy and with a good mind, but... they are not all made for you.

Each person is a world and each horse is different.

The horse must seduce you; he must please you physically. But the most important thing is that you feel good when you are in his company and, above all, in confidence.

His personality, his temperament and his training level will be the keys that will make you happy every day. that you will spend with him.

So, for your choice to be a success, I will ask you to tell us a lot about yourself and the horse you would like to have.

Taking into account your tastes (breed, coat, age, size, etc.), your situation and your budget, I will suggest several horses that will suit you perfectly. You will then decide if you want to know more about any of them or if I should continue to send you proposals.

Maybe some are already announced in the catalogue…others you will only discover when we start working together.

Since I started my project in 2011, more and more partners from all over Spain and Portugal have joined the IberHorse team. This allows me, despite the fact that there are far fewer horses today than a few years ago, to be able to offer you the largest selection on the market.

In the catalogue of my website you will find photos, videos and a detailed description of each horse.

There are many, so when you visit the catalogue, I recommend that you filter by the search criteria that interest you the most, so as not to waste your time looking for horses that do not suit you.

If you can't find it in the catalogue, don’t worry…because we have more in the back room 😁. These are horses that we haven't had time to put on the website, that we haven't tested yet, or that their owners simply don't want them to appear in the catanalogous.

If any of them match what you are looking for, I'll show it to you when we've talked about your project 😉.

During our first interview, I will give you the access code to see the horses "TOP SECRET" that match what you are looking for.

These horses, at the request of their owner, are only shown to people who are looking for this horse profile.

Know that all the intermediaries know the same merchants, the important breeders and the most famous horse riders. So horses that you may see advertised elsewhere are probably also in our database or have been discarded for some reason.

In addition, thanks to our many collaborators, spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula, I have access to horses that are in the hands of individuals or small breeders to which other independent brokers do not have access, because they work locally.

Although there are many professionals behind us to help you with your project, you will only communicate with me, as I will personally manage each step of the process.

We will maintain a communcatfluid ion so that you are informed of everything and can ask me any questions you may have along the way.

Tell me about yourself and the horse you're looking for and I'll suggest a few horses that I think might be right for you.