Darío's pasion has always been horses. Understanding them, manipulating them, breaking them in and ridden them, that's what he's done hundreds of times...

That's why, now that his job allows him to enjoy a lot of free time, he decided to dedicate it to what he loves the most: training young horses for other people less experienced than him.

In January of this year he had the opportunity to attend an auction of the prestigious Spanish army stud YEGUADA MILITAR.

And it was with this in mind that he discovered REME, which showed herself calm, confident and endowed with a rather sporty physique, which is not very common in PRE horses.

Seeing the papers of her origins, Darío thought she would be a great sports mare, as well as a very good future mother mare, since she comes from her father's side, by OLEAJE, and from her mother's side, by LEGO. And as everyone knows, they are two of the most important stallions this stud has ever had.

Since then, REME follows Darío's training almost daily, based on ethology, without haste and with great affection and respect.

He doesn't like her locked up in a box, so she lives in semi-liberty…weather permitting, she is still in the paddock.

He tells us that from the first minute she was very easy. always attentive to his requests and ready to please.

Thanks to the desensitization work that Darío has done with her, REME is not afraid of anything.

Although she still has some room for improvement, we are already seeing her today very confident at 3 gaits, both in the arena and outside of the property.
Her walk is spectacular and her canter very comfortable. not is spectacular and his very comfortable canter.

A mare that will no doubt give a lot of happiness to her next owner, with a character at the top, very correct gaits and super good origins.



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PRE - Pure Spanish Breed
PSL - Pure Bred Lusitano
Spanish Sporthorse - Spanish Sport Horse
HA - Spanish-Arabic
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