Super dressage horse amateur, expressive gaits and extra mentality.

Going to a farm that has been carefully selecting its breeding stock for decades is definitely a guarantee.

We always find very balanced animals, docile and super beautiful.

If we add to this the best care during their growth, a diet specially designed to cover all their needs at each stage of their life, professional riders and lots of love… the result is a magnificent horse like LEVI.

LEVI is still in a learning period, so he is always a little tense when we ask him to do something new, because he is very willful and wants to do it well. We love it…because on can connect with him right away.

It is already very well set at 3 paces, (it is also very comfortable), and it makes outdoor walks very relaxed.

If you are looking for a horse for dressage, which has a good base and with which you can have fun teaching it new exercises, LEVI will undoubtedly be one of your best options.




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PRE - Pure Spanish Breed
PSL - Pure Bred Lusitano
Spanish Sporthorse - Spanish Sport Horse
HA - Spanish-Arabic
Crossbreed - Origin Not Recorded - Crossed horse
OTHER - Other breeds

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