Very good leisure horse; sure and frank.

He belonged to a private individual who rode only occasionally for a walk.

As he hardly rode him any more, he sold him to this schoolmaster, who uses the horse to give lessons to some of his pupils, while putting him back to work.

The horse has an extraordinary character, very gentle and close to man.

Although it lacks the work to be flexible and pleasant in the hand, we think it will be the ideal horse for a family or an outdoor rider who wants to devote time to him and give him all the love he deserves.

He is well ridden at three paces, goes backs up and yields to the leg.


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PRE - Pure Spanish Breed
PSL - Pure Bred Lusitano
Spanish Sporthorse - Spanish Sport Horse
HA - Spanish-Arabic
Crossbreed - Origin Not Recorded - Crossed horse
OTHER - Other breeds

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