my first horse

A beautiful love story....
that I don't wish on anyone.

I understand the desire you have to have a horse with which to share great moments of complicity.

I also know how frustrating it can be not to make the right choice.

Unfortunately, in this world, there are many pirates with few scruples... who don't care at all about the illusion that a person has who wants to buy a horse and the economic effort that this may entail for some .

And the worst… The bad guys and the nice guys have the same face and are just as nice! Sometimes the bad guys are even nicer, which earns them the trust of their prey, and wham!

They turn a dream into a nightmare while lining their pockets.

It happened to me…about 20 years ago, with my first horse.

It was love at first sight…. He was magnificent, a real Spanish horse! and at that time it seemed to me a very good opportunity, because with my budget I could only aspire to small cross horses without any beauty.

I tested him for several days, in the arena, in the countryside… impeccable. And I bought it!

He quickly started showing me that he had a lot more experience with humans than I had with horses….. He did it all to me! He was very clever… He tested me every day, and when I got over something, he invented something else.

He didn't want to get out of the box, or else he would go out like a madman, he wouldn't go near the ring on the wall to tie him up, he wouldn't let himself be put the halter on, he moved when I was going to ride him, he wouldn't stay in place to get off, he did not want to enter on the ride area, when I walked alone with him he was afraid of everything …….

A nightmare that lasted for months, many months!

Two years later, I found out that the boy I had bought it from, had sold him because he was afraid of him.

But by then, Huracán and I had already become friends (thanks to ethology) and he had become my great love.

It could have been a story with a happy ending, if it hadn't been for the fact that he started limping…..

Indeed, the horse had a poor conformation, which over the years has become a very big problem.

Although I have spent a fortune with the best farriers in France, Switzerland and Spain, infiltrations, homeopathy, mentalists, and everything you can imagine, the horse has never been able to work regularly.

Through this experience, I learned to look horses from bottom to top, that is to say starting with the hooves.

In short, a horse that cost me very little at the start, but which I was never able to fully enjoy and ended up spending a fortune on.

I ended up castrating him and letting him in freedom with other horses. Farewell to my beloved horse… which unfortunately continued to cost me money for some time.

Many people advised me to sell him (between lameness and lameness) and horse dealers that I know wanted to buy him from me, but;

1.- I am not able to defraud someone

2.- I loved him very much and did not want to be separated from him

3.- I wanted him to be well look after for the rest of his life

If you're like me, you love
so much animals that you can't get rid of them... ne
don't take risks and seek advice to someone who knows the
market and who knows about horses.

I didn't do it, and it cost me dearly.

My story goes back several years… but I can assure you that in this sense things have not changed much.

I learned a lot… in terms of behavior and poise. But above all I learned to surround myself with good and honest people, who are much more knowledgeable than me and who are now part of the IberHorse team.

Do you want to choose the right horse?

Would you like to do it with FREE advice from a team of professionals who want the best for you and your horse?