2023 - 2024

I invite you to come with me

in the best places to buy Spanish and Lusitano horses.

Why ?



22 to 29 Sept. 2023 > CACERES - BADAJOZ

Oct. 28 to 29, 2023 > LA RIOJA

Nov. 28 to Dec. 03, 2023 > SEVILLA (SICAB)

11 to 14 Jan. 2024 > VALENCIA - ALICANTE

15 to 18 Feb. 2024 > BARCELONA

You will make a face like this... 

and you will say things like….

“… I take this opportunity to send you a hello from JASPEADO. Also a big thank you to Maria who educated him couldn't be better. On the lunge or under the saddle, he shows his excellent dressage. He can be lively, but always remains a perfect Gentleman. Again a huge thank you to you both and his breeder too! … »


“…BACO also makes my niece and my mum happy, and is a great horse for equine therapy. I call him "my Doudou" because he is very soft and gives lots of kisses. He is also very good at walking. The Spanish walk is acquired, the campo too. I'm glad I trusted you 🥰  and that you found me my black pearl. THANKS 🙏... »


“…I would like to sincerely thank you, I was very skeptical at first and one thing led to another, I saw how professional you are and my confidence was total. Cheer (I.e.  and thank you. ERMITAÑO is an adorable baby full of good will. … He's incredibly nice, affectionate, really smart. Thanks Javier!!! »


Are you ready to come and discover the best Spanish and Lusitanian horses from professionals in the sector?

You will live a unique experience, because;

  • In very little time, you will see many horses which are not advertised anywhere.
  • You will try horses that will match what you are looking for and will be within your budget because we will have selected them before your trip taking into account your tastes and needs.
  • You will will discover from very different places and you will learn a lot about Spanish horses, probably things no one has ever told you before.
  • If they are in stud, you will be able to see where they were bred and possibly other members of his family; parents, siblings...
  • You will receive advice from expert horse riders when you try the horses, which will help you better understand and communicate with your new horse.
  • You will can communicate easily with the horse rider/owner of the horse and ask him anything you want to know about the horse, even if you don't speak Spanish walk, because I will be there to translate everything.
  • You will have the opportunity to try for more than one day if you wish and even to be present during the pre-purchase veterinary examination.

Baroque or SPORTS horses that you will not find on the Internet.

During the pandemic and due to the impossibility of travel, many horses were sold remotely, without buyers being able to come and try the horses.

This new trend has led to the emergence of many horse selling groups on Facebook, where many people have the opportunity to place ads……

People who, often, are not the owners of the horse, even if they present themselves as such and who, most of the time, have not even seen the horse they are advertising. People who are only looking to get a commission on the sale and who don't care if the horse is healthy or if it will be suitable for the buyer.

Thus, what in principle seems to be an advantage, because you can see many offers without leaving home, currently becomes a headache for the horse rider who is looking for his ideal horse, because everything is mixed up.

We see hundreds of adverts scattered in many different places with all kinds of breeds, ages, dressage levels, prices... adverts for very nice horses at very low prices that won't pass a veterinary check… advertisements that lack information and that you have to contact to find out if it is within our budget or where the horse is…

An endless amount of disorganized information that takes us hours to decipher and is impossible to classify and track.

So what do most people who want to buy a horse do?

They choose 3-4 horses that are in the same area and go to see them.

Do they find what they are looking for?

Maybe yes or maybe no...

No, because the cheap ones are in poor health or have a behavioral problem, and the good looking and healthy ones come at a much higher price than they were willing to invest.

Or yes, but they had to pay a lot more than they originally planned.

And it's not surprising...because horses, neither in Spain nor in Portugal, have the same price for a person coming from abroad as for a person from the country.

It doesn't matter if you speak perfect Spanish…it will help you to understand each other, but not to get the best price.

Iimagine now that you are from the country, that you know who can have the horse you are looking for, that they are not going to deceive you because they know you and because you are a reference in the Iberian horse market with more than 12 years of experience...

Would you keep watching the ads and trying your luck?

Or do you go directly to see the horses that your contacts have for sale?

If the answer to the second question is YES, then I suggest you join me on the proposed dates and places in the schedule above. 

We will have a preliminary interview, to understand exactly what you are looking for and if I see that I can help you find what you are looking for within your budget and you decide to join me;

What you need to know before booking your spot:


22 to 29 Sept. 2023 > CACERES - BADAJOZ

Oct. 28 to 29, 2023 > LA RIOJA

Nov. 28 to Dec. 03, 2023 > SEVILLA (SICAB)

11 to 14 Jan. 2024 > VALENCIA - ALICANTE

15 to 18 Feb. 2024 > BARCELONA

The selection of horses and centers that we will visit is done taking into account the profile of the horse that the participants are looking for.

The horses we are going to see are high quality horses. Selling prices will be from 10.000 €.

more days you come, more horses you will see.

I will not send you pictures or videos of the horses which we will see. You must trust me.

In order to give everyone some flexibility in terms of travel, everyone will travel on their own. I'll meet you at every stable.

This service is FREE OF CHARGE for people who book the service "FULL SERVICE IBERHORSE". (<< Click the link to see what's included).

If you do not wish to contract this service, the cost of this support is €100 per day, regardless of the number of centers visited.

The places are limited.

Follow these tips to improve your experience if you decide to travel to try several horses.