Guide to buying a horse

Guide to buy an Iberian horse quickly, simply, serenely.


I help you find him and I take care of all the formalities until he arrives at your stable.

Buying a horse is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life.

This is not something to be taken lightly, as it involves, in addition to a heavy financial investment, a long-term emotional commitment and a lot of illusion at stake.

Everyone who makes up the IberHorse team knows it, that's why we make every effort to know the two sides of this binomial, in order to form couples (or families) that fit together perfectly and are happy forever.

My collaborators, spread all over Spain, are constantly on the lookout for what we call “special horses”.

Although Iberian horses often have the reputation of being "easy horses", not all of them are. Their origins and the way they were raised and broken in largely determine their personality.

To give you an idea… for each horse we publish, we tested 8 to 10 horses that we discarded because they did not meet our selection criteria (and that we often see advertised on social networks… :-$) .

So all the horses that you can see in the catalogue from my website passed our filter. We know them well and that's why we can give you a real description of each of them.

Depending on your profile and experience, I will provide you with the help and information you need to make the right decisions and your trip will be like a walk on a sandy beach instead of a course in a forest. full of hidden dangers.

These are our selection criteria:

1 - HEALTH : We are not veterinarians and we do not do flexion tests, however, based on our knowledge and experience, if we detect an anomaly or suspicion, we immediately rule it out. If we detect a defect that we do not consider "risky", we will let you know when we talk you about him.

2 - CHARACTER : Any horse that does not show a good attitude in handling, ridden on the track or outdoors, alone or with other horses, is also immediately discarded. If the foals are very young and not yet broken in, we observe their behavior when we approach them, the behavior they have with other horses and of course that of their parents.


You are right... If you are not accompanied by someone who speaks the language and knows the mentality of these two countries (which is not the same) and the functioning of the market there, your dream can turn into a nightmare.

Look how easy it can be if we do it together!

(Click on the button corresponding to each step to know everything about it)

I will help you find the horse of your dreams and take care of everything so that you only have to prepare for his arrival.

Depending on your profile and your experience, I will provide you with the help and information you need to make the right decisions and your trip will be like a walk on a sandy beach rather than a trek through a forest full of hidden dangers.

My mission is to make your experience easy, safe, pleasant and serene, eliminating as much as possible the doubts, risks and difficulties that you may encounter at each stage of the process.