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I imagine that if you have come here, it is because you are looking for a good horse...

A nice horse with a super character, with whom you can share great moments of complicity and happiness.

Well, my collaborators and myself, can help you find the horse of your dreams in Spain or Portugal, without you having to move from where you are.

Do you have any questions regarding any of the horses advertised in the catalogue of this website?

Then write me an email at ines@ibehorse.com and I will reply you ASAP.

If it's urgent, put "URGENT" in the subject line to give you priority. I receive a lot of emails every day and I don't always have time to answer them all.

Would you rather we talk?

If you want to talk to me, write to me at ines@iberhorse.com by indicating your telephone number and your availability and I will call you back.

Here is my phone number : + 33 624 31 95 49.

Save it to your cell phone if you want so you know it's me calling. But don't call me directly, as I'm usually with clients or horses. I therefore only respond to people who have already used my services.

You want to know which other horses, which are not listed in the catalogue, could be what you are looking for?

Then complete the following questionnaire so that we can assess your needs and offer you horses that correspond to what you are looking for.

I will personally read your responses and contact you within 2-3 days.

I will offer you an appointment by videoconference to meet us and show you the horses we have pre-selected for you. If you prefer to do the meeting over the phone, make sure you have your computer handy so you can view the footage.

We will not recommend a horse, even physically pleasing, if it does not match your goals or your level of riding. What matters most to us is that the horse you bring with you can perfectly meet your expectations.

IMPORTANT: We work with a minimum of quality, so we will not be able to help you if your budget does not exceed at least €5.000, because it is also necessary to take into account the visit of the veterinarian and the transport.