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I am Inés Suárez, expert in the Iberian horse market.

I select healthy and nice horses so that horse riders like you can find the horse of their dreams quickly and without risk.

If you are looking for a beautiful horse, healthy and with a super character, with which you can share great moments of complicity and happiness, contact me.

When we find it, you decide if you want to come and try it ou if you are convinced enough by what you will see during the videoconference so that I send it to you directly.

Do you have any questions regarding any of the horses advertised in the catalogue of this website?

Then write me an email at and I will reply you ASAP.

If it's urgent, put "URGENT" in the subject line to give you priority. I receive a lot of emails every day and I don't always have time to answer them all.

Would you rather we talk?

We would be delighted if you could tell us about your project, what this horse you would like to have in your stable looks like, what coat, what age, what training it should have... in short, everything that is important to you.

To help you find that horse of your dreams, we need to know exactly what you like and need. This way, we can guide you as best as possible. You know, we know each of our horses like the back of our hand. They are all exceptional, but the main thing is to find the one that really suits you. Not all of them will be the perfect 'match' for what you are looking for, and we want to make sure you find your ideal companion.


Here is my phone number : + 33 624 31 95 49.

Save it to your cell phone if you want so you know that It's me who's calling you. But don't call me directly, as I'm usually with clients or horses. I therefore only respond to people who have already used my services.

Not all horses we examine make it to our catonline analog... And if among them is YOUR HORSE ?

Find out quickly!

Tell us who you are and how to contact you.

We will send you a form so you can tell us what you are looking for in your ideal companion; physical characteristics, level of training, personality…

Depending on what you tell us, we will send you a unique proposal that will surprise you.

Ready to start the adventure with us?

So, send us the form now and stay tuned to your email.

Rest assured, we protect your data:

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