We research them, try them and select them for you.

Special Horses

Healthy and with an incredible character.

If you are looking for a horse with whom to have a relationship of complicity, and you don't have one yet, because.....

>> You see hundreds of ads on shopping sites and social media, but Can not find what you are looking for.

>> You will not sure if you can trust the seller.

>> You have already go to see some horses and they did not quite match the description announced.

>> You want a very specific type of horse and you don't have time to look for him.

>> Your budget is not enough to buy the type of horse you like near you, but you know that in some parts of Spain the prices are lower.

>> All the horses you might be interested in are too far away and you can't get there to try them.

We understand you, BECAUSE we know that;

There are unscrupulous merchants who treat horses like a merchandise. They have no respect at all for the animal and use very harsh methods to submit them. The horse seems very obedient, but when they are sold to an amateur rider, who treats him gently and the horse is no longer afraid, he becomes aggressive.

It may happen that the documents concerning the horse and/or the seller, the X-rays, the photos, the videos… are falsified.

There are also many (increasingly) individuals who advertise horses they haven't even seen and who present themselves as "owners", or as "friend of the owner", but who do not appear in any document at the time of the formalization of the sale. They are only looking to get the commission on the sale by showing some photos that were sent to them. Once they get this commission, they disappear forever, so you won't find them if you have a problem.

Super deals don't exist... Dealers around the world have dozens of “horse-hunters” in Spain and Portugal to find horses at below market prices. They pay on the spot, in cash, without asking for videos, without taking x-rays… these opportunities only last a few hours.


and I help people like you find their horse in Spain, even if you can't come and try it.

In addition, I accompany you throughout the process, personally managing each step of the purchase (contracts, veterinarian, transport, etc.) so that you can achieve your dream easily, with confidence and without having to worry about anything.  

Because buying a horse is not only the purchase of an animal, but the beginning of a unique relationship with a special companion that will become very important in your life.

I used to work as operations and team manager in the tourism and leisure sectors in France and Spain, but it has been more than 10 years since my passion for horses pushed me to change my job.

Today, I have the pleasure of accompanying and guiding other horse riding enthusiasts in a complicated and risky market, but one that I know very well and in which I have acquired a good reputation on both, personal and professional level.

Want to know more about me?

Succeeding in the purchase of your horse is easy if you are accompanied by an expert.

What are your needs ?

I can accompany you from A to Z in your project or only in certain services related to the purchase of your horse.

Compose your menu.


All the horses shown on this site have been expetised by us.

If they are in the catalogue, it is because they are in good health (to the eye of the rider that the expertise has done) and that they have a good character.

We all know them very well, ask us for more info!


Are you looking for a horse with certain characteristics and cannot find it in our selection?

Contract the research service.

We will find it for you in less than 3 weeks.

** Paid service **


You will have the best veterinarians in each region at your service.

Pre-purchase examination, castration, vaccines…

We are the only ones to write a complete bilingual English-Spanish report.


As soon as the purchase contract is signed, your horse becomes your responsibility.

Our insurance partner offers you different formulas adapted to your needs.

Veterinary costs, mortality, owner liability…


Your horse will arrive at his destination in the best conditions and as soon as possible, while respecting the rules of animal care.

Our partners are professional carriers and certified according to European regulations.


We will send you simple instructions so that you can easily get the horse's papers in order in your country. 

If you are outside the EU, we also take care of export and customs clearance. Personalized quotation.


Receive messages from satisfied customers who came to test the horse on site is very pleasant, it is always proof that we have done our job well.

But it's relatively easy, after all, they chose the horse by testing between 6 and 10 horses during their stay. 

But what really makes me happy are the messages from those who have trusted us to buy their horse at a distance, just with photos, videos and our word.


Here are some of the messages that I received via WhatsApp.

You can see more on the Facebook page of VenteChevauxPRE (French version of IberHorse).

You too can find the horse of your dreams through us

Discover all the advantages!

Choose from the largest selection

In our catalogue, you will find more than 300 horses for sale. But if you cannot find the horse you are looking for, contact us. We have a personalized search service.

Save time

Make a filter in our catalogue of horses for sale to see only those that match the profile you are looking for, we publish new horses every week!

Save money​

By buying in Spain, directly from the owner, you save more than 20%. This is what all horse dealers do.

Get real information

In our catalogue you will find recent photos and videos of all the horses. The description is written after testing the horse.

Rest assured

All the horses that we offer for sale have been selected from among the many that we have tested. We know all about them, ask us!

Mitigate the risks

Partners, breeders, veterinarians, carriers... we've all known them for years. You will be in contact with serious, honest and animal-friendly people.

Get your agreement in writing

Words are blown with the wind. With us, everything we talk about will be in writing; a contract for our services and another for the purchase of your horse.

Understand the veterinary report

Our associate veterinarian will write a bilingual English-Spanish report so that every aspect of the examination is very clear to you.

Receive the horse in a few days.

We collaborate with several transport companies, which allows us to provide a fast delivery service, in the best conditions and with the best care.

Update your papers easily

Only the horse owner can update his documentation. With the instructions and forms we send you, it will be a breeze.

Use our after-sales service​

We will be there for you, even after the purchase. For any question, any problem, any unforeseen event… Call us. We will be happy to help you 🙂